Sunday, December 9, 2007


Have you noticed there are more road blocks than usual in your neighbourhood? And the policemen are there 24/7 with 3 patrol cars. We saw 2 road blocks on the way home from Penang. One at the main road junction and the other block at the road we usually take to go home. At first, we thought they would only be there for half a day or so, but we still saw them this morning on the way to work. There is going to be a riot again? Should we start stocking up food in the house?

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

mama zombie

Like what i told MMK, i'm turning into a mama zombie. I cannot move much on bed anymore, turning to my sides will trigger the baby to kick in my tummy.

"My dearest baby, your mama have to turn while sleeping. If now, arm and ear will go numb. I promise i will try to turn gently and not disturb your sleep too."

Too bad he never listen, the kicks wake me up on and off, so no choice, have to sleep on my side or on my back whole night. Once i move, he kicks. Not only i get insomia, i have pimples all over my face and bad hair day every morning.

See how swollen are my legs: