Monday, October 13, 2008

dirty jobs

That's how i classified jobs being thrown to me left and right, top and bottom. A few weeks ago, i accepted the tasks transferred to me as opportunities to learn things which i think is good. But now, i labelled them as dirty jobs, as in i have to vacumm almost everything at a time from several people. I was told people are going to leave soon and i have to vacumm as much as i can so that nothing is missed out. That was a month ago.
A month later, the people who are supposed to leave are still here
- doing only 5% of the work (95% being distributed across the universe)
- and the plan to kick them out has been postponed
- and no specific date being confirmed so far
- and getting year end bonus
- and getting to enjoy expensive team building

This is so ridiculous!! The moment they "smelled" that they're under the kick-out program, they passed all dirty jobs to me "with immediate effect" which i was conned into accepting them all. Now, there is a change in the schedule, nobody takes back anything. So i'm the only one who has to clean up the mess passed to me by idiots. Do you know how did they pass their work to me? Just throw to you some files, explain in a way that only they understand (which i dun think they understand their work AT ALL) and tell you everything is pretty simple (cos they ignored all the pending problems and wash their hands already), period.

Am i the only human around here? Did i make a mistake by staying? Now i know why my senior left and why she advised me to accept the other offer.