Monday, August 27, 2007

out of office

What is the use of "Out of Office" mail?
It's set when you're away from office or on leave or etc.

What is written in the Out of Office mail?
It usually indicates the period of time you'll be away and who is your backup in case of urgent issues.

However, not many people know how to utilise Out of Office mail. They set the date, they set the backup person. Unfortunately, the backup person will only know she/he is the backup after receving that person's Out of Office mail. How wonderful.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

stupid me

Yesterday, after dinner, mil passed me a bottle of "pao sam" for us in order to avoid sleepiness during working hours. But stupid me, i took one piece as i like pao sam a lot and without realising it's already 9pm. So the after effect, i stared at the ceiling of the room until i have no idea what time. All i know now, my head is heavy today and i'm having terrible headache again. Couldn't sleep in the car on the way to work due to traffic jam & hubby stepped on the brake so often until we reached office. Help me...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

dun bless me in the toilet

Just a min ago, i was doing my own business in the toilet when suddenly i was blessed with "holy" water from another person in the next toilet. I think she must have confused whether to turn the water tap clockwise or anticlockwise. With me partially soaked with water, i guessed she must be damn wet herself. Next time, test the direction before turning the water tap, please...I dun want to be blessed again.

I used to do that at home as i have the habit of washing my feet whenever i reach home. Instead of turning on the tap to wash my feet, i always ter-turned on the tap of the shower and ended up soaked. I think whoever was in the toilet next to me has learnt her lesson well today.

Monday, August 20, 2007

i'm lovin' it

Yesterday i went missing in action during the second half as i needed to run some errands with hubby. Grabbed lunch at McD. Did you know that the McD in QB is not really up to the normal standard as other McDs? The renovation is different, the placing of menu is totally out. Imagine there is a part of the menu hidden behind the wall separating the counters & sink? The fries are not salty enough. I love McD eversince i was younger. Aunt used to take us all to McD at Komtar on Saturday when we went to visit grandpa. Fillet-O-Fish + large fries + large Coke, my usual order. At that time, I didn't know how to enjoy double cheeseburger & Big Mac yet, but Fillet-O-Fish still remains my all time favourite.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

ah kong has left us

I'm supposed to be on leave and be in SP today until Thurs. However, mil says i cannot overnight for so many days in SP due to some reasons. It's my ah kong's funeral. He finally rests in peace on Sunday, 19 Aug 2008 after battling his 3rd stage lung cancer for 2 years++. The cancer cells attacked his lungs again 3 weeks ago which landed him under special care in SP Private Hospital. You may wonder why SP and not Penang? SP is where his home is. Ah ma was brought back to SP when she passed away 2 years ago. I'll be on compassionate leave this Wed & Thurs to send him off.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

sunshine going away

You're my sunshine, my only Sunshine,
You make me happy, when skies are blue,
A'll never know dear, how much i love,
Please dun take my Sunshine away....

Our Sunshine convenience store will no longer be operating effective next month. The business used to be better before the company decided to change the location of the store. Imagine an oblong store where you can't even see the other side of the store from cashier. People curi things also you won't know. And no doubt the things sold are cheaper than the tidbits stall in our cafeteria. Haih....what else is going to be stripped from us?

close encounter

My morning started off very nicely this morning. Woke up at 7.05am since i stayed overnight at mum's place cos hubby was outstation. Slowly freshen up myself & mum made breakfast & prepared chicken essence too. I was thinking of taking half day off today but with the chicken essence, i think i can stay till 5pm. While driving near QB, i saw a motorcyclist parked his bike near the road divider, so i swerved slightly to the left to avoid the bike. However, the car in front of me stopped all of a sudden, which made me stepped on the break as hard as i could & swerved all the way to the left to avoid kissing into his butt. Luckily no cars behind me, or else i'll be kissing the butt of the car in front of me & risking my butt being kissed too. I guess the Kenari in front of me must have been dreaming while driving. It’s drizzling and he’s not paying attention to his surrounding. Not kiasi ar?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

i can't cook

I was treated the most delicious porridge today from ah kim. She is such a good cook. Her porridge is always just nice, not too thick, not too watery and with lots of ingredients : chicken meat, chicken skin, scallops, fish something (i dunno wat izzit called) & ABALONE!!! Now you know why her porridge is the best. She is always generous when it comes to putting in ingredients. I can never know how to cook a proper pot of porridge. It always turns into a pot of starch. No matter how much/little water i put, it becomes starchy in the end. That's it, not going to cook porridge anymore. I've tried to learn from ah kim on how to cook a nice pot of porridge. Instead of teaching me, she is going to ta pao the ingredients for me instead and let me try at home....alamak...such a waste. It's going to be starch + abalone..blekkkk... If only i can cook well. Hubby never complains whenever i cook. Sometimes pity him too cos usually when i cook badly, i myself will not touch the particular dish & poor him has to finish them all :p He's a better cook than me, no doubt about that but yet he never complains :P

Sunday, August 12, 2007

is it a norm?

Imagine this: Your partner & you are hungry and both of you wanted to pack lunch to eat at home since the weather is hot. However, your in-laws are also at home at the same time. Will you pack some food back for them even though they've taken their lunch or will you just buy 2 packets of food just enough for you and your partner? You will be surprised how many people i know who would just pack food for themselves and not for the whole house. Takkan 10 pieces of pisang goreng can cause a lot of money???

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

freedom day

Singapore is celebrating their Independence day today, no wonder i kept calling my counterpart like a silly person but nobody answers my call, until i received my first out-of-office mail :p Silly me. So what am i going to do for the rest of today?? Just kidding, dun retrench me yet. Reports and more reports lar. My B likes to have 1 report in several forms / spreadsheet and i have no idea why. It's redundant but yet she enjoys reading them wor, so how? Just do it lor. So today, i'm going enjoy my "freedom", working cum blogging :p

high-speed chase caused another jam

Want to know wat time i reached home last night??? 9.30PM!!! After marching, we left office at about 7pm. By 7.20pm, we only reached QB, and the jam was so teruk. The signboard stated "Kemalangan Di Atas Jambatan. Berhati-hati ketika memandu." Not again. This morning, we saw the same sign and now another time?? All the cars were static & nobody was able to move. Thinking that the accident must be a serious one, we detoured to take ferry. Manatau, same condition. Luckily it's not Fright-day, otherwise, we will have to camp at my mum's apt. Imagine the jam started right after the traffic light at Kastam & on the other side of the road, the jam continued until Macallum Street. I was starving & having headache and the biscuits just weren't enough even for me alone. So finally reached home at 9.30pm, just enough time to continue my Astro cantonese series :p

The cause of the jam: Shot after high-speed chase. But the chase started at 4.45pm wor. And the jam still haven't settled at 7pm??

Monday, August 6, 2007

bye bye maid

I just realised i didn't update my blog for like a week last week. Partly due to work and also i was just being lazy. Usually these are the 2 main culprits. Anyway, i took an emergency leave on Friday. Initially, wanted to apply for 1/2 day leave on Thurs but i've lost my password, so can't do anything. Called up my boss as early as 7am, left her a voicemail and continued with my arranged iterenary for the day. First part of the day got messed up due to wrong information given & also cos i had to deal with the goverment people.

At about 2pm, we finished our lunch and prepared to send the maid to KL for good. Mum asked dad to go to the parking lot with the maid first, while she and I packed her stuff for her. Not being cruel but we didn't want the maid to take our things out from the house "accidentally". The maid saw us with her bags but didn't ask any question. Mum talked to her about sending her on back to KL on bus with all the necessary details. Could see that she was shivering as it's the first time for her to board a bus in Msia, without any documentation. Yeap, aunt from KL refused to send her proper documentation due to unexplainable reason and we dun even bother to know. Finally sent her away on bus, called aunt to inform her about the maid and mission accomplished. Another burden off parents's shoulders.