Wednesday, November 28, 2007

never punctual

Want to know what time i left workplace yesterday? 5.20PM! Hubby always tells me he will try to leave early everyday but his early is always at 6.30pm+. So when he IM me about going home at 5pm+, i was very shocked. Will we be going home as early today? I can only hope.

my VIP car park was taken again

Somebody took my VIP car park again. I went for half day MC for my monthly checkup and when i returned in the afternoon, a car was stationed so nicely in my parking lot. I recognise that particular car. It always parks beside my car park every single day and i'm guessing the driver thought i'm on leave so he/she parked at my parking space happily. Seeing no other available parking lot at the time, i drove back to the guard house to file a complaint. And since i'm heavy, i told them i'll be parking my car at the visitor car park. At about 3pm, the guard called me. The driver is not registered with my company and there is no car sticker issued for this car. So there is no way for them to contact the culprit and they cannot clamp the car. Fine with me since i know i have another option now.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

i just drank detergent

Eww...i just took a sip from my water tumbler and the water tasted like detergent. I think i didn't rinse it properly when i washed it last week. Hubby hasn't sent me any message to complain about his yet =P Will I get diarrhea again like last week? Oh yeah, I just took decaffeinated coffee this morning too. 5 months more before I can take another cup of coffee.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

10% more to go

It's so crazy!! My sis and i went to Jusco cos it's Card Member Day Sale. Carpark was FULL at 11.30am, can you imagine the crowd? Parents were there at 10.30am and surprisingly dad managed to get himself a few shirts and pants. We met mum at the groceries section and they were lining up to get cooking oils. It must be real cheap cos the line was so long and mostly all are aunties :P So we started our shopping by hunting for some daily use stuff like hair cream, milk powder, honey stars (hubby's special request) & a lot others. Hehe..bought him 2 XL box of honey stars. Erm...let me rephrase, i helped him to buy 2 XL box since i'm going to claim all the money spent from him later :D My banker.

The next section we went to was baby section. You know lar, i'm so obsessed with baby items now. So dad left us to take a break near the waiting area, while mum followed me around the place. I told her, it was going to be just a while cos will not do much shopping. Again, i couldn't resist it. In the end, i bought baby bath tub, pacifier, brush, nappy, clothes, etc...which totaled up to another hundred dollars, all within an hour :P Completed 90% from my shopping list.
Was very happy with all the things bought but still unable to decide which brand of breast pump to get. TollyJoy, Pureen or Avent?

We came back to office just in time and luckily i have a VIP car park, otherwise we'll surely melt like butter under the scorching sun. I feel vomitish now, must be due to all the rushing and walking :P

sad memory

It just struck me. My friend told me about her grandma's condition which is getting from bad to worse. A small cut on her leg turned into a big wound and it's getting bigger. Her heart is not strong enough and the blood could not flow to her leg and therefore the wound couldn't be healed after so long. She has to go for a bypass in KL. Now the condition worsens after she is forced to take lots of medicine for heart & wound. Body is getting weaker each day and she is getting very blur and temperamental. My friend and her family members could only stand and watch her suffer cos there is really nothing much they can do except giving her medicine & vitamins. They have to hide the truth that if needed, she will have to lose her leg. I think that will most probably make her gives up hope on life. Depression then ....

This reminds me of my paternal ah kong who had just passed away a few months ago. Good for him that he didn’t suffer much when he battled with cancer, he had Alzheimer. But the worst thing is he died alone in the hospital without any family members beside him. Sad huh. I’m crying when I’m typing this in office. Oh dear, have to rush to the toilet now, tears cannot stop flowing out now.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

penang bridge at risk?

Is the Penang Bridge really safe for us to use now? Or should be start moving to the island in the meantime while waiting for the 3rd link to be ready in 2009?

Read for yourself: Penang Bridge safe to use, says Samy (The Star, 22Nov07)


Took breakfast on the way to work, 2 slices of bread with peanut butter & grape jam. After finishing the bread, i could hardly breathe properly. I loosened my pants thinking that was the cause but it didn't help either. So just put the seat back and lied now and focus on breathing. Going to ask the doc what is happening to me next week.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Am enjoying a bar of MARS now. It is actually true that chocolate and sweet stuff calm your mood. Since i dun like sweets but can still take chocolates, i treated myself with a bar of MARS, soft nougat and creamy caramel covered in thick milk chocolate. Heaven.....

quick one

It's lunch time and i'm getting so many posts now. Thinking of giving up my lunch? No way! I dun want to end up getting gassy tummy all over again. Perhaps, i should just grab 1-2 opps and just go for a quick lunch :)

Jusco member day on 23 Nov

Jusco is having its member day this Friday and i'm planning to go there with hubby during lunch time. Unfortunately, sis & mum are also planning to go but at different time and not able to pass me the card. Iskh! Thought of grabbing some milk bottles & more baby stuff if they are having promotion. Have to pester either one of them to pass me card.

gender confusion

My colleague told me this news today. Her sis-in-law went to Specialist A to have her tummy scanned & the doc told her it's a boy. Happily, she went to the GH for her routine checkup and scanned the second time & the doc said the same thing, it's a boy.

However, when it was near her due date, she switched to Specialist B and the doc told her that she will be getting a girl. She was so shocked and upset cos she already told the whole world that she will be getting a boy. Addition, the couple already bought all the things to welcome a baby boy. Imagine how devastated she was. Finally, she gave birth to a girl.

I am confident in my doc and there will not be any mistaken identity case.

Monday, November 19, 2007


I told my frens i will be having a Mickey next year (it's going to be a baby boy). So right now, we're supposed to start thinking a name for him. The name will then be sent to a Master to check whether it's suitable with his BaZi or not. Since i dunno mandarin characters, i dun have any contribution to this task.

So, i joked with hubby. Let's name the baby Jacob Tee, since i like Jacob's Weetameal so much. Or maybe name him Greene Tee (green tea) :P He ignored me this time...humphhhh :P

heal the rank

My blog PR has not "healed" yet. There is no opps for me from PPP but luckily i still have another faithful sponsor such as Blogitive. The opps in Blogivite are running out very quickly too lately. Making money online does not come as easily as last time anymore and worse, if your blog is only PR1.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

mummy-to-be list

At last some things for myself. Maternity pads, washable nursing pads and stretch mark cream. More things to come. I'm using stretch mark cream since a few weeks ago. My colls & frens have been warning me that the mark will come when i reach 6 months pregnant. I'm already 24weeks pregnant and i have not seen any stretch mark on my tummy *touch wood*. I think my tummy ain't big enough kua. Hubby too lending me hands to massage my tummy 2-3 times a week and during every weekends. I guess he is starting to enjoy putting his ears against my tummy to listen for the baby's movement & talking to the baby on and off =)

the list goes on

We bought this when we went to Baby Fair at Sunshine Square. Avent's milk bottles has fixed price be it in Jusco or anywhere else. So when we saw the price slashed to 20% in Sunshine, we grabbed it without giving it a second thought. The salesgirl was quite annoying and kept recommending us to buy a few boxes of milk bottle and buy a set of breast pump at the price of RM1800. Crazy!!! We have so many other things to buy including baby bath tub, baby cot mattress, diapers, stroller, walker..........such a long list. I better list down what else is there to buy some more.

baby's first clothes

This is the first pair of clothes hubby bought for our baby. Simple, white, pure and it's so mini. Look at the size of hubby's shirt compare to our baby's. In another 10-20 years, the baby is going to wear the same size of shirt as hubby :)

Friday, November 16, 2007

look Ma, i can somersault

My baby is doing somersault in my tummy, moving non-stop and i can see my tummy moving. Maybe it's just as excited as am i cos i just can't wait for tomorrow. Hopefully the baby is no shy anymore this time. Don't be too shy, just open up and let us know ler. Your mummy has to buy new clothes and start thinking of suitable names now.

Monday, November 12, 2007

6-days off

And my page rank went from 3 to 1. It took me dunno how long to be in rank 3 and it took only 6 days to drop to rank 1. So unfair. Bloggers also need days off rite? We cannot be blogging every single day wat.

Honestly, until today i have no idea how it became rank 3 in the first place :P I bet my page rank is going down when i go on leave again in Dec.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

home without income

Off from work is so much fun but unfortunately, i only get to go online at night when hubby brings back his notebook as i have no idea why my laptop cannot detect any wireless at home. Will also take time off from writing paid post too, means less income for this month :P Oh well, it's fine for me. Get more rest and sleep....hibernate and eat :P

Sunday, November 4, 2007

i have big tummy, get lost from my car park

I thought my VIP car park is already reserved for me until i go on maternity. Manatau, when i reached this morning, an absent-minded fella parked at my place happily, a green MyVi. Hey, last week, CW's place was taken. Today's my turn. Lodged a complaint at our main guard house and they got me the car owner after 2hours. Apparently, the car owner was late and conveniently parked at my place cos she thought that the car park was still reserved under her friend's name. How wonderful. The next time if my VIP car park is taken by aliens, i should just park my car next to our main guard house and wait till the guard informs me that my car park is vacant. Good idea huh?