Wednesday, October 31, 2007

my favourite blogs

I have developed a very bad habit now. Before i start to work, i just have to browse the blogs in my Favourite folder, even before i on my Outlook :P I'm paid to work, not to read blog but i just couldn't resist it. Some blogs are interesting and some motivate me to continue writing paid posts. Although some blogs are full of craps, yet they never failed to amuse me with their creativity in writing.

i belong here

There are so many people saying good bye to each other. I guess they've all received a big ang pow each now. If i was given a choice, i would rather not take it. I'm so comfortable with my job now unless they really kick me out. As long as i'm still useful in here, nobody is going to kick me out from here.

VIP car park

I'm determined to go home early again today. Couldn't seem to concentrate at work today eventhough i just came in to work at 1pm. My car was parked quite a distance away and i've to ask the doc to write a referral letter tomorrow morning. I want my own parking lot, even for just 3 months.


My weight increased again this month. The nurse was alarmed and kept asking me whether i have diabetes or not. How am i supposed to know whether i have or not, you should be the one doing the test on me. Crazy isn't? This is what you get when you go for free checkup :P

Monday, October 29, 2007


I saw a few posts from other bloggers about perfume giveaway. I'm not a great fan of perfume and i do not have any specific perfume that i like. A friend gave me an Estee Lauder perfume & this reminds me that i bought an Issey Miyake perfume for myself last year and i still haven't got any chance to use it. But for now, all i want is the medicated oil made in Thailand.

ranting non-stop

When i have no opp to write, i rant. When i have to many opps to write, i rant. Now i have about 10 opps on hand but what am i doing now? I go read other blogs and leave comments. Will be taking half day off again tomorrow for my monthly routine check-up. Going to waste half a day waiting for the doc to attend to me and telling me to take balance diet meals and exercise more. So boring.

under sleeping spell

And i thought going to bed as 10pm will cure my sleepiness. My legs ached so much yesterday that i couldn't sleep well. I forgot to reduce the fan speed and it was like tornado in the middle of the night. It is so difficult to not able to sleep on my tummy anymore. Oh yeah, the baby kicks me on and off at night. Although it's not that noticeable yet, but i'm a light sleeper at night only. Try waking me up when i'm having my afternoon nap. You sure fail miserably.

no thanks

Hubby asked whether i want to drive to work today or he drives. Was he joking? I've never driven to work from mainland before due to the crazy traffic after the toll booths. I dun want to go in between gigantic lorries and mad drivers. Some of them just couldn't give ways to drivers like me. I would rather sleep all the way to office, and thanks for the offer.

cook for hire

Mum called us up again for dinner last night at 5pm+. Hubby was too tired to drive all the way to her place for dinner but he did that for my sake. After all, we do not have any appointment last night. Dinner was good and i just love the prawn curry & chicken soup. We stayed until 9pm before deciding to call it a day. If only mum stays next door, then we don't have to have headache on what to eat everyday :P

poor eyes

I need to take a break now. My eyes are killing me again. I've just switched to a new pair of specs last week to replace my 6 years old specs. My vision has not deteriorated eventhough i've not changed my specs regularly. Let's see what am i going to do with the RM250 for next year. A pair of new sunglasses perhaps.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

$10 gone just like that

Oh dear, i was busy posting PPP opps until i forgot to enter a non-paid post in between the opps earlier. Argh!!! Does my carelessness going to cause me $10? Iskh!!! Someone please wake me up. Nevermind, my blog is at Rank 3 now, i can still afford to earn back my $10 tomorrow, hopefully.

sleep mode

I was in sleep mode until CW triggered me to look out for opp in PPP. Believe it or not, i actually confused myself between entering URL & post title. No wonder i kept getting stupid error messages when i hit Post button. Stupid me. Sleep mode has its drawback. I'm going to fall asleep again as soon as i hit Publish Post button.

my blog rank increased

Oh my! Oh my! I saw a lot of opp in PPP today. And silly me thought that PPP is having some kind of bugs. Anyway, i was writing happily and keep posting the opps before i found out that 2 of my blogs are now in different ranks.

Stories To Share - Rank 1
Life at Work - Rank 3

No wonder i'm seeing so many opps in PPP now. And i thought my mind is playing tricks on me.

i'm leaking

First, I'm too heavy for my feet, and now i'm "leaking". I visit the toilet so often that i'm so fed up already. Nowadays, i get thirsty very easily so i have to consume a lot of water. The moment i drink water, i need to visit the toilet about 10-15mins later, that fast! Drink - toilet - drink - toilet, non-stop. And our company toilet isn't exactly a nice place to go to. If you're lucky, you may even find worms squirming on the cubicle wall and floor, yucky! To add wound to salt, my friend told me that this "leaking" condition will get worse until right before my labor. Aiyooo..... Wait...i have to stop complaining. At least this is better than having tummy discomfort :P

Thursday, October 25, 2007

i'm too heavy for my feet

In our company, you can only apply for a reserved car park lot if you're 6 months pregnant. And since the size of our company is diminishing, the number of reserved car park lots have been reduced, thus, limited. I walked to the clinic to confirm and was told this fact. Not wanting to be put on waiting list when i reach my 6th month, i went over to our guard house to check for any available car park. Luck was on my side when i was told, there is one vacancy near lobby and so i asked the kind girl to book for me first before i get the medical prove from my doc next week. Hopefully no one will go to labour before or at the same time as i am.

Walking is slowly getting more difficult for me, not becos of the weight cos i've reached 64kg before, a few years back. The more i walk now, the more i could feel the pressure of my tummy on my legs. I envy those slim ones who are on high heels and low waist jeans.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

music for prenatal babies

Soft music is good for prenatal babies and pregnant ladies. I couldn't agree more. We bought a box of prenatal music containing 4 cds from QB. Three of them contain classical music while the 4th one is about parenting tips. So hubby decided to put each cd at different places. One at home, one in the car and one at my workplace. At first it was nice to listen to something different, soothing music to calm yourself and the baby. But the more i listen to it, the more boring it gets. You could just practically fall asleep listening to the cds. I know why i'm so sleepy all of a sudden. But the truth is, my baby is moving in my tummy when i played the first song. Strange huh?

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

bad rat, bad bad rat

Someone just shrieked. It must be the bad bad rat again. One was found dead near our dept and smell stink big time. A few of us had to be relocated to another section temporarily while waiting for the facility folks to settle the dead rat. Rats in our office have bad taste. They should have attacked the kitchen instead of straying around underground and get electrocuted. How stupid.

how do you laugh

People do laugh differently.

Some laugh like they're choking: "haha...*gasp*...haha...*gasp*...haha".
Some laugh like a woody wood pecker: "heh heh heh heh...heh heh heh heh...heh heh heh heh".
Some laugh like a sex maniac: "heeheehee...heeheehee...heeheehee".
Some laugh like when you try to turn on the car engine: "kekekekekekekekeke"

I throw back my head and go "hahahahahahaha".

So, how do you laugh?

Monday, October 8, 2007

how to type with protruding tummy

Although my tummy is still not that visible yet, but i'm having difficulty sitting in my own place. Tummy is preventing me from going nearer to the table so i have to drag my notebook nearer to the edge of the table. I wonder how near must i pull the notebook towards me when i'm 7 months pregnant. Just leave it on my lap?? :P How did the rest of the pregnant ladies manage to type comfortably?

Monday, October 1, 2007

i need food

I just took my home-made burger this morning and i'm still feeling hungry. Is the cold weather making go hunger faster? I think i'll just ask sis to join me for early lunch again. But will all my sponsors offer opps during lunch? Aiya, eat first then think later :P