Thursday, July 26, 2007

friday, fright day

Friday = let's-gather-at-the-PG-bridge day *yahoooooo!!!*

Many people have been ushering out from the company today. Mostly office staff , including my opposite neighbour. Work is pending due to system bug & it's impossible to solve it by today, so i'm free now with a few reports to do. My stomach is getting better but cos i accidentally swallowed my lunch just now due to hunger, it's getting uncomfortable now. It's like having a big rock somewhere in my intestine. And it's making me sleepy :P Excuses.

just go to hell!!!!

My mum called & i just received the stupidest & craziest news!!!! A doc from LWE suggested that my 88-year-old grandpa to undergo chemo treatment to kill his lung cancer cells!?!?!?!?! What kind of a doctor is that?! He told dad, if dun undergo chemo, ah kong will only live for another 3 months only. If undergo chemo leh?? 1 week can say bye bye to us lar?? Is he a moron or he is crazy for money? How can you suggest an old man who is even too weak to walk to undergo chemo treatment? My ah kong's skin is left with no muscle & hair. Even if you pressed on his arms too hard, his skin will "break" if not blue black. When he got admitted, the doc asked us what happened to his arms some more. I think the doc in LWE are idiots. Takkan they dunno the cause of the bruised skin just by looking at it? My dad dun abuse my ah kong, okay! Mum said that when they rushed ah kong to the ER in LWE, the doc talked to them like one kind. "You want him to admit, admit lor. If you want to take him back mah take him back lor", after my dad asked the doc whether my ah kong was serious & needed to be admitted immediately or not. You say lar......and i tot GH is worse. LWE is crazy for money i think. They suck blood from people like us.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

the story of mungkin

Aiyo....look at this poor baby. Got abused by a maid until both his legs got fractured but as usual the maid denied lar.

picture from The Star (26July2007)

My parents encountered the same problem with the maid at home. Usually my grandpa will be left alone with the maid at home when parents go out to run errands. Last time, each time parents returned from doing their chores, there would be bruises on grandpa's head. When questioned, the maid would deny everything "Mungkin tadi.....mungkin....." Lots of "mungkin" this and "mungkin" that. Even if she spoils anything in the house, she will go "tak tau, mungkin..... saya tak cakap bohong". No matter how you scold her or threaten her, it's has no effect on her at all. Later, i learnt from my colls that their maids are serupa with my mum's maid. Kaki bohong & always push away responsibilities. Luckily I dun have maid at my own house. If not I think I’ll be the one abusing my maid since I cannot take stupid excuses.

i hate voicemails

I HATE receiving voicemails & i hate leaving voicemails unless it's really very very urgent. Why some people are so fond of leaving voicemails??? Voicemails are so irritating. Whenever i see the red light blinking non-stop on my phone , immediately my mood will slowly turn bad. Dun leave me voicemail unnecessarily!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

can't turn back time

With all the VSI package & people leaving the factory, this has affect the people who are left in the factory. It's so demoralizing. All this changes make people feel so insecure working with this company & to add salt to wound, rumors make everything worse. Every month there are people leaving from different departments. How i wish life will back to before like our cafeteria is still very huge & there are so many people working together under the same roof. I'm just rambling....

bye bye veterans

Today a lot of people swarmed out from our factory due to Voluntary Separation Incentive. I have no idea how many of them have been "kicked" out from the plant but one thing for sure, everybody seems to be very happy with the package especially the veterans. I wouldn't be happy if i get kicked out from the factory too early. Unless my pay is so very high. Some of them who i know, the first thing they did were to settle their loans (car & house). Some even went to buy landed property. Others went on holidays before deciding how to go on with their life. If i were one of them, i would first settled all my loans then go on short holidays before i settle down & start planning for myself.

Monday, July 23, 2007


This morning we reached work about 15mins later than our usual time cos i accidentally switched off my alarm instead of setting it to snooze. By the time we reached office, it was close to 8am. The parking lots near the lobby area are always full even if you reach the office before 7.30am unlike once upon a time. Partly due to most of the parking lots are reserved for VIPs. So when we reached, i saw a few cars trying their luck hoping to find miserable place for their cars. They circled the parking space like vulture looking out for carcass. Little did they know, they have to be in the office between 7-7.15am if they want to win a parking space in front of the factory. I guess they must be new comers, or new dept has just moved closer to lobby or practically just being silly :p

Friday, July 20, 2007

bla bla bla

The reason i'm posting this post is becos Blogitive says so. Why? A review must be in between 4 non-paid posts, which means 2-1-2. This is the unwritten rule in the blogging world. But i did write 3 posts in a row for ReviewMe. I bet different sponsors have different requirement. As long as they pay me well, wouldn't mind at all :P

Thursday, July 19, 2007

why it has to rain in the morning?

We (i tried to influence hubby) wanted to declare a day off today when it started to rain before the alarm went off. Our room was so cozy & i just wrapped myself with the blanket and turned into a cocoon. It's a silk blanket anyway, so there is an element of truth in my sentence. Hubby dragged me out from the bed & a few minutes later, we basically "parked" our car on the Penang Bridge. Massive jam & i slept all the way to work again. I hope it rains again tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

head still spinning

Blogitive just approved my blog on Tues but i have no time to update my blogs since was tied up with work. I hardly talked to anybody also this week due to feeling unwell & headache all the time. My head is still spinning from last week and got even worse after my Cameron Highlands trip. Even going up Prangin Mall carpark can cause mild headache. Very useless.

hand over the untensils

Iskh!!! This morning, i was feeling hungry again so went to get roti canai from the mamak stall in our cafeteria. After paying, i couldn't find any utensils. Usually, they will prepare a basket containing chopsticks, plastic forks & spoons but the basket was nowhere to be found this morning. I asked them for chopsticks, and the mamak guy told me they dun prepare chopsticks anymore. Okay, so how about plastic forks. He passed me a fork. I requested for another since the roti canai is too big piece for me to put into my mouth at a go :P He refused to give me an extra fork. "Roti canai so big, how to makan?" Then only he passed me a plastic spoon, reluctantly. Idiots!!! The utensils are subsidized by our company & yet the mamak are so stingy. Want to eat also susah.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

have a nice weekend

Decided to take half day off today. The world is spinning around me starting from this morning. Unfortunately, hubby has to work, so still have to wait for him at mum's place. Could predict today's jam is going to be horrible & terrible. To all my readers who are working in Penang & planning to go back to hometown today, stay cool :p I'm telling myself that too.

Stupid jam, stupid bridge, stupid management.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

just bored

Hubby is having offsite meeting today. He dropped me off at the factory so early in the morning, 7.30am. I took my own sweet time, switch on the notebook & went to get my usual roti telur. Completed a few tasks while enjoying my roti telur but now I’m getting sleepy. Me so bored now. Usually i'll just ping hubby on and off, saja just to kacau him. Most of the time he will reply but sometimes he ignored me totally.

Later, there will be another marching practice for us. Starting from next week, we’ll be having 3 sessions per week. So sian. I wonder why we have to march under the scorching sun? Can't we just hide in the shed? Oh yeah, i was one of the selected marchers to be specially trained before the commander starts to train the rest. I wanted to give up marching but i just can bear to part with the benefits offer. I've just betrayed myself.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

penang is a small island insomia problem has gone away. So this is wat i do when i'm wide awake in the car. Saw a partial rainbow on the way to work. Is this a good sign? Well, not everyday you get to see a nice rainbow like this. I'm not going to be like the little girl from the milk powder advertisement where she sprayed water from water hose to get rainbow. And which her mum tot it was a brilliant idea *eyes rolling*.

Apparently today i saw a comment on my post on Blogitivis. CW is actually my fren's (LS) collegemate. And LS is also the friend of my mil's bestfren's son. What a small world, i mean island. Believe it or not, i knew LS but i didn't know that he is actually a family fren to my hubby & in-laws until i showed him the pic of hubby last time :p I should start buying lottery now.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

one sen, 5 sen, 10 sen, 20 sen

There was some time back when i wanted to pay my food using 1sen & 5sen in our factory cafeteria, the cashier rejected me. I wanted to use up my 1sen, so i tried to use 5sens a day for my food, unfortunately the cashier didn't want to accept. This what i saw in today's papers: "Paying with one sen coins is okay – up till RM2" (Section 24 of the Central Bank of Malaysia Act, The Star, 5 July).

Consumer can now pay 50sen coins for RM10 item & 1sen, 5sen, 10sen and 20sen coins to pay for a transaction of up to RM2. i know where to use my 1sen now since "one sen and five sen coins are legal tender" (The Star, 5 July).

I wonder will the hawkers throw 1sen back at us when we pay them 200sen for a plate of wantan mee :D

the disappearing island

The following pics were taken yesterday morning on the way to work. Haze was still very bad yesterday. Pulau Jerejak is nowhere to be seen. Throat is uncomfortable & lack of sleep due to hot weather at night. The only good thing, my clothes dry easily.

Monday, July 2, 2007

where is Penang??

We're under attack by HAZE again. Here is what i saw while on the way to work at 7.30am

I think our Air Pollutant Index (API) is still over 81.