Thursday, September 25, 2008

bday blues

4 incidents happened this morning which make my day blue.

It's my bday and i'm feeling down =(

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


This is our country major topic but i'm not going to comment anything on racism in my blog.

However, an incident happened just now. You judge yourself whether can this be called racism or some people are plain stupid.

We went out for lunch at I-Avenue. As you know, it's rather difficult to get a place to park there and worse, the road is just too narrow. A coward like me will definitely skip the idea of driving there alone. So right after lunch, we went to get our car, right outside BHB. There was a white Satria with heavily tinted windows parked right next to our car. The driver was no where to be seen and the car was parked so near the driver side. Aunt even had difficulty even to get into the car. We waited for a while under the scorching sun before aunt decided to honk for the owner of the car. After a while, Mr.Coco appeared from nowhere and unlocked his car. Aunt told him that he shouldn't have parked there. Mr.Coco made a sarcastic remark, "You nasib baik, ada tempat parking." No apology from him. Aunt told him if no parking lot, just make a few more rounds. Mr.Coco got angry and started to raise his voice and mumbling words that we couldn't hear from inside the car. Before Mr.Coco finally drove off, he wound down his window & shouted "Orang Cina memang bodoh!", then sped off.

Who is more bodoh? A person who parked at the allocated parking lot is bodoh or a person who blocked people’s car from leaving the parking lot.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Today is 16 September and something amazing just happened to me.

There is no new mails in my Outlook inbox!!!! I have a strong feeling that something big is coming later. It's a bad omen to not have any new mails in your inbox. Life is too peaceful too, way too peaceful.