Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2009 wave

2009 starts with a series of bad news from different companies:
- 6days off or 3 days of unpaid leave
- 10% pay cut for indirect labor & 5% cut for direct labor
- 6days off every month
- 0 pay increment until further notice.

This is really bad and our government is still saying that we're not hit badly by economy downturn? Our inflation rate is not high? Trying to camouflaged?
Yesterday i was forced to make a difficult decision, to chop off a headcount. I feel sorry for that person but unfortunately, she gets the lowest score in term of performance. Looking at the situation now, if you're not performing well, there are thousands of hungry ghosts out there waiting for your place and i'm not exagerrating. There is no such thing as job security now. 2 choices: Work or leave. I still prefer the first for the time being.