Wednesday, April 25, 2007

hail to the king

this morning, thinking of there will be less cars on road, i woke up 10mins later. Got ready and took the pics of Tengai, hubby's bike. It will be sold off before the end of today. How sad but yet it is a good deal, so FIL decided to sell it and planning to buy a new bike....RM30k+ *gulp* More story here:

Traffic was smooth on bridge until we reached Coastal Road. Jam started and we went stationary for a few times. Worse jam ever on the way to work. Sms-ed aunt to get traffic report, unfortunately she was also stuck behind us. Oh well, so we continued driving bumper-to-bumper. Usually we reach office at around 7.44am everyday. Finally we found out that since today is declared public holiday for all government sectors, this include the closure of Custom Gate near our factory..@#$&*%$#@!!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

bring back the mamak gang

have you tasted wantan mee with soya sauce? that's what they sell in my cafeteria. Nothing attracts me from the display cabinet, so i took the wantan mee.'s not really that bad (i'm going to hell for lying), it's more like mee + soya sauce. Last week was maggi mee + asam soup (tomyam). I never like to eat rice, unless you serve me with nasi beraini, fried rice, chicken rice..etc. Prefer noodles to rice, but some people cannot live without rice for one day, i have no idea why. The food in canteen is deteriorating & getting expensive. Once upon a time, we had 12 counters. Now we're only left with 6 counters. Once upon a time, a plate of mee was only 50sen, but it increased to RM1.50. Why? Cos they heat up the food plate by plate now *rolling eyes*. Honestly, i miss the mamak gang from counter 5.

volcano leave??

hehe...just to share a joke before 5pm. One person that i know wrote this once: I'll be on volcano leave from xxxx to xxx. Can die laughing or not?

Monday, April 23, 2007


i have several blogs.

i started with a blog in 2005 with no special intention, just rambling to myself, it was an online diary for me. a lot of things was written in that blog, my relationship with my bf (who is now my hubby), arguements with parents, war between siblings and other sensitive issues.

2nd blog was started 51days before my wedding and while hubby was still on 2-month business trip. It was on our wedding preparation, wars between us and bla bla bla. Until i started to monetized my blog. Just trying it out.

3rd & 4th blog was started after i signed up for getting paid to blog :P

See how long can i last in this blogging world :P

Sunday, April 22, 2007

what is hantu?

Just had lunch with my colls. Had a good laugh listening to the stories of my coll's kids. One of them has a pair of twins. Currently, the twins are so obsessed with Ultraman and they fight with each other everyday pretending to be Ultraman & aliens. Another coll asked us does a "boo lang sai" (lion from lion dance) have teeth? Uh-oh, i think so, it's an animal afterall. Another shared with us another story about her girl. Her girl came back one day to ask her, what is "hantu". Not wanting to scare the girl, she told her girl hantu = pretty girl. Hahaha...imagine her girl tells her mum this "mak cantik macam hantu" innocently :D

keys to my apartment

i got the keys to my aparment. actually didn't actually get the keys, but we had to go for the first inspection to see whether we're satisfied with the unit. if not satisfied with the condition, can still file for complain. 8 of us went to inspect 2 units ( my sis bought one unit too). So we scrutinized every corner including the door frames :P I only have one complaint on the house. The toilet. The width is smaller than a standard door & the developer is smart enought to use folding door for the toilet. If your waistline is more than 36inch, you'll have problem walking from the door to the toilet bowl, there a sink right next to the toilet door. I've never seen any sink smaller that the one in the toilet. Anyway, we finished inspecting 2 units in about an hour, rather fast. Parents & MIL are satisfied with the house except need to touch up here and there before the 2nd inspection in May.

Proceeded to visit MIL's sis in Lam Wah Ee for about 2hours. Why? Cos the whole clan was there yakking away like nobody's business. Like CNY gathering to be exact, so lau juak. They only decided to leave after the nurse shooed them away, cos her sis's heartbeat went from 84 to 96 :P

Thursday, April 12, 2007


This is my new blog and will keep you all posted ;)