Thursday, June 28, 2007


My mp3 folders have not been updated since i dun want to know when. The first song i played was Your Song by Elthon John. Got to know this song from Moulin Rouge. This is one of my all time favourite movies besides Back to the Future, Jumanji, Phantom of the Opera, Con Air & Perhaps Love (Jacky Cheung). Just give me these dvds and i will have movie marathon this Saturday & Sunday :P

Some of the songs in my folders bring back memories: good, bad, bitter, sweet, sour. Some of them remind me of school days like BackStreet Boys, Boyzone, NSync & Code Red, especially Forever by Damage. There were also songs which remind me of college days. I missed time my roommates & i had during my diploma. We woke up at 3am to look at shooting stars until 9am, how silly. My coursemates & i would have lunch together & we went back to library again at night just to study & chat sometimes. It was so much fun and i really miss those moments now.

While working, i got to know an online friend nicknamed of Kage from Malacca. Nice guy who is younger than me. He sent me Last Christmas(Acapella) by NSync. We're just good friend, not attracted to each other & have not met each other until now. I just ping-ed him after dunno how many months not talking to him :P Hopefully he still remembers me.

Need to get ready for marching now.


Lack of sleep can really mess up a person's brain. I didn't get enough sleep since the marathon and my whole week is screwed up now. A zombie-like me gets up everyday at 6.30am and sleep all the way to office, since i dun have to do the driving. The jam on Monday was terrible - stuck for 2 hours and i reached office at 9.30am. First news was my cousin who is from mainland was also stuck in the jam and missed her exam. Fortunately, she is allowed to take a replacement test.

I wanted to start blogging about what happened last weekend, but my brain is not working right now. The most obvious symptom is i keep forgetting i've taken lunch at 3pm. The second symptom is i sleep all the way to work & on the way back home. No more updating hubby with latest happenings in office. Third symptom is i refuse to write paid posts, darn! Perhaps it's cos my paypal has reached RM1K+ :P But i still cannot encash the money without help. Waiting waiting. I will continue writing when the mood is back.

Work is too peaceful nowadays, just a few hiccups here and there. Another tide is coming, i presume? Not that i care so much, i go with the flow. Just be like water & go with the flow, that my motto. I saw one of my friends put this in his MSN "You put water into a cup; it becomes the cup....put water into a teapot, it becomes the teapot...Be water my friend". I agree with him totally.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

something is wrong with me

I think something is very wrong with my brain lately. I keep forgeting things and always misplacing things. Worse, i repeat the same question after 5mins and i dun realise that. For the past 2 days, i was waiting for lunch time even though it was already 3pm and i did have my lunch! Is something growing in my head? Or lack of sleep?

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

advice needed

*not a paid post

I posted about my perfectionist mum. I desperately need guide on how to teach my dearest mum the art of letting go & be less perfectionist. You may post your advice in this blog or Stories To Share.

Thanks Ade, i got this idea from your blog

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

another vacation

just sent out mail informing the whole world i'll be taking leave next week :D Hopefully no issues while i am away. Otherwise, my colls will be cursing me like mad. What to do, company is cutting costs now, so more work for the leftover people. Dun bother so much, all i need is to enjoy myself in Bangkok :D :D

am i not patriotic enough?

I'm joining marching this year again. Every year, i lamented i dun want to march anymore, but i just cannot resist the temptation. I'm going to list down the reasons why i dun like to march:

Dun like:
- need to shutdown my notebook at 5pm sharp
- need to rush like mad cow to gather with other marchers
- hot weather
- have to wear long pants
- march till 6.30pm

- money
- leave
- food
- souvenirs
- shoes
- clothes
- lose weight & be healthy
- get darker


I'm back from my long holidays. Last Friday, i was trying to get my blog approved for PPP, but i guess i didn't write enough for the month of June. Hopefully all goes well & i get 1k before end of this year. Work was okay this morning. Not too busy, not too hectic. I was taking my own sweet time to attend to all the requests in the morning. Munching on my Hershey's. I still have a lot of Hershey's at home by the way :P They are my precious. Nothing much to blog about here. Will go update my other blogs now.

Friday, June 1, 2007

just shut up

Some of the people here just cannot control their voices & laughters. Especially when they are talking on the phone or getting too excited. Did i blog about how some of them here got complained for being too noisy & irritating? I'm not one of them. I still prefer to talk with my fingers.

yay yay...more good news

This blog will be accepted by PPP by next week, i bet it. It's already 3 months old and i just need to post a few more post on this blog to get it approved. Then i can start writing happily. Counting down for the first payment in PPP which will be in another 6 days. I tot i was going to be paid handsomely by today....stupid me.