Sunday, September 30, 2007

good start

The moment i went online, CW pinged me about opps in PPP. So kind of him, i managed to grab USD10 so early in the morning on the first day of the month. He had helped me to grab another USD5 last month too. But too bad for him to not able to grab any from Blogitive. Blogitive always offers opps around 11am to lunch time, i wonder why. I have yet to grab any opp yet today. Hope my luck will be better for the rest of this month.

stupid Monday jam again

Today i took about 1.5 hours to reach office due to stupid Monday jam. To add salt to wound, it's raining so heavily all the way from home. Cars were overtaking each other dangerously while motorcyclists were showing off their stunts in the rain. I slept right after we passed the toll booths. Woken up by hubby upon reaching office. Everybody better stay out of my way. I'm sleepy today.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

so many y's

Izzit me or does this happen to all mama-to-be?

Why am i feeling sleepy during the first week of 2nd trisem even when i have work to do?
Why do i feel sleepy at 9pm when i used to go to bed much later than that?
Why do i wake up at 3.30-3.45am and stay wide awake for some time before i finally go back to sleep?
Why i always have the urge to visit the toilet every morning (big biz)?

Am i becoming a grumpy pot + Sleeping Beauty. What a combination! =P

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

why like that

I just can't believe it. Two USD50 opps were right in front of me & i couldn't grab them in time. It's so frustrating. It was the first time i saw 2 opps in white but i was just too late. Haiyooooo...

*i'm in lazy mood this whole week..hehehe :P

Thursday, September 20, 2007


You may think i'm crazy but i'm hoping for twins. Of cos it's not possible as doc has just detected 1 heart beat few weeks ago. Having twins are great but my fren has been telling me the things she has to put up with her twins. From what i heard from her, her twins are very mischievous and they are driving her up the wall. Pity her only.

enough is enough

My eyes are really killing me. They are too tired and i can't stand any longer. I guess i'm going to give up another 2 opps as i have no strength to write any longer. Just want to complete the last one and be done with it. I'm refusing money, so unlike me.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

turning into a giant

My colleague has just commented that my tummy & lower part of my body is getting bigger and bigger. Hips are expanding and my thighs are like turkey drumsticks according to hubby. Oh dear, i'm really afraid i'll turn into giants like some of the people here after giving birth. Will i be able to lose enough weight to get back to my normal size?

pure luck?

First day of the week, i received 3 roses from my colleague who has just came back from Cameron Highlands. Yesterday i received 3 chocolates from another colleague. And today i received more than 10 opps from Blogivite. Am i just lucky? Oh dear, my tummy is making noises again now. It's feeding time.

my one and only piano

Believe it or not, we learnt piano when we were staying in Ipoh last time. But unfortunately, i didn't want to complete the lesson and left stranded at Grade 5. Sad isn't? Learning piano is not cheap. Mum bought a C. Steinbert piano for us when we decided to learn piano. I still remember coming home one day to find a black piano in our living room. It was so elegant and the wood was so shining. At first we wanted ivory instead of black but i have no idea why it was black in the end. Well, although nobody is playing the piano now, parents still decided to move the piano to Penang when they moved here.

piano pieces

I'm listening to La Cumparsita played by Richard Clayderman. He is my all time favourite when it comes to piano pieces. All the while, i thought he looks cool & attractive. However, I saw him once on Discovery Channel where they interviewed him. He doesn't look as good looking as he does on CDs cover also. He looked older and more haggard. And i thought he was very young :P He really spent a fortune on buying good quality pianos. I couldn't remember much details from the discovery channel but i like the way he plays the piano & his pieces.


Many people are talking very loudly near my cubicle now. Luckily i have my headphone with me to listen to songs. If only i have Sony headphones which will eliminate all the noise around me. Hubby is thinking of asking his friend to bring back one pair when the friend returns from business trip from US. I bet it's not cheap but wouldn't mind if he gives me as my birthday present :D

fingers turning into ice

My fingers are freezing now. I have no idea why my cubicle is especially cold compared to my colleagues'. I don't freeze that much when i'm standing near their cubicle talking to them. My finger nails are turning into purplish blue and it's hard to type in such condition. I have to keep rubbing my hands on and off. How to complete my opps in such condition??

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

hurry berry

I'm going to rant and whine and ramble a lot today. Why? Cos i have too many opps to write before the dateline tomorrow. And guess what, i'm taking Friday off again to go for serious checkup at LWE. So i better complete all the posts today or else i'll have to reject some of them :(

blogitive has not forgotten me yet

I have no idea how and why but i managed to grab more than 4 opps per blog from Blogitive today. This is insane. I've been refreshing the page so frequently for the past few weeks to no avail. I just have to keep writing and posting today. It's a good thing i have lesser assignments today. And i thought of giving up on Blogitive like i did with 3Ps.

a norm or a must

Is it a must to buy back souvenirs for your colleagues when you're back from business trips or vacation? The answer is vague. Well, as for me, it depends on my mood. When i feel like bringing back some souvenirs, i would. If not, i will not even bother to think about it. Therefore i dun rant whenever i don't see any souvenirs from other people. As for hubby, he never fail to bring something back for me each time he returns from somewhere. So, my conclusion is, it's not a must, it's just a norm.


The toilets in our company is very very disgusting and dirty. I mean some of the toilets here. Used toilet papers are all over the floor and it's really an eye sore. I guess the people who create such mess deserve a spank on their buttocks each time before they step out from the toilet cubicle.

Oh yeah, if you're lucky, you may even spot a few rubber band like worms on the floor or wall of the cubicle. Yeap, it's that disgusting. Worms & wet toilet papers, what more do we need to ask for?

food crave

I went hungry early again today. All of a sudden, i have this crave to eat grilled crab meat. So i messaged hubby about that, just to disturb him. Manatau, he asked me to dial pizza hut delivery service for seafood pizza. Iskh!!! How could he deny my request? Nevermind, i'll make sure he takes me for pizza after work today.


I was down with gastric yesterday after attending an almost 2 hours talk by one of our company VIPs. It started an hour after lunch and finished about 4pm. I underestimated the duration and forgot to bring my tupperware of biscuits with me. My tummy was gassy and i hard difficulty in consuming food after that. Damn.

Friday, September 14, 2007

bribe me with food

He promised today will not too late. He said we'll be leaving at 5pm sharp for once today. He said dun disturb him cos he is rushing his work to keep his promise. So i waited patiently.

5.30pm now, the traffic is piling up all the way to bridge. It's pouring cats & dogs, fish & frogs. I'm still sitting comfortably at my place with no complaints. Why? Cos he just brought me out for lunch just now when i craved for kuey teow th'ng with pig liver. All the way from Bayan Lepas to Batu Lanchang for kuey teow th'ng & pasembor =)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

drooling yet?

Want to know where i had my dinner yesterday?

Main Dishes

After the sumptuous meals, we attacked the dessert corner

Below are random pics which i took around Spice Market.

It's not cheap but definitely worth it =)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

i love pig liver

Right after posting the post below, i called up my mum and i almost cried when complaining to her all the "sufferings" i've been thru. Of cos i didn't break down in office cos there were still a lot of people here at that time. Felt better after talking to mum and hubby IM me to ask me to wait a little longer. Humphh!!!

When we finally got to go home, traffic was surprisingly smooth all the way to our dinner place. Since i'm lack of red blood cells, hubby decided to order a bowl of pig liver for me to try. Mum says pig liver is rich with red blood cells, so no choice, i had to finished the whole bowl after finishing my bowl of porridge. It didn't taste as yucky as i thought it would be. Dip in soya sauce & eat it with red chillies. Tasted good and no bloody smell.

Didn't know that a bowl of pig liver could do wonders. This morning, no headache, no gassy tummy, no feeling vomitish!! I could even finish a packet of nasi kandar for breakfast. I should have taken pig liver sooner to avoid all the unnecessary headache!!! So happy today and just hope that headache will not come back so soon *touch wood*.

just arghhHHHHH!!!!!

I feel like puking now. I eat regularly, i drink enough water, i put enough oilment and i still feel like puking now. Some say nutmeg will help, some say take more assam, some say eat less but more frequent - i've done tried all of them but how come i still feel vomitish? Not enough rest? Bullshit. Not enough food? Bullshit. Not enough water? Lagi bullshit. People say all this will be over after 12weeks. I thought so too but why am i still having all this nonsense?!?!?!?! It's already 5.20pm and i'm still stuck in the stupid office typing this stupid post. I want a car of my own!!!!! I dun want to be stuck in the jam at 7pm!?!?! Not in this condition. I want to bite his head off now. I want to go home at 5pm sharp everyday. I WANT TO SHOUT!!!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

can't work in peace

My morning started great. Breakfast as usual, took vitamins and with a little bit of headache we left the house for work. Headache gradually became a little bit serious but could still take it without oilment and pao sim. By the time hubby drove passed the guard house, i vomitted everything out all of a sudden. It's the 6th time. Although i usually feel much better after vomiting, but it usually follows by severe headache which makes me frustrated. I just feel like pulling my head off, give it a shake and re-attach it back to my neck. Need more oilment now. I hope i dun have to take half day leave again today.

Thursday, September 6, 2007


The world was spinning around me when i woke up yesterday morning. I sat on the bed for while after switching off the alarm, trying to gather myself together. Thinking that maybe i was just hungry, went downstairs to make myself a glass of hot milk. Soon after finished, my condition got worse and the moment hubby came out from the bathroom, i rushed in and vomitted the glass of hot milk i took less than 5mins ago. That was the 5th time i vomitted since started pregnant. Can you imagine, the milk was still warm when it flowed out from my tummy :p Geli huh? No choice, crawled back to bed, called my boss for an emergency leave while covering myself with blanket and trying to sleep. Head was still spinning. Hubby called mil over in case i pengsan in my room or bathroom :p

Today, the world is spinning again but at least better than yesterday. I have no idea why i can't escape from gassy tummy & headache after so long. Geram only.

Monday, September 3, 2007

faking it

Was supposed to go out for lunch with hubby and to grab something from the shop before he messaged me about meeting his friends for lunch instead. Oh well, no choice but to shop after work later. I hate to reach home late actually but with his tight work schedule, we usually leave work after 6pm or 6.30pm. Sometimes, i just would like to have a car of my own but that will add to our expenses unnecessarily. I think i'm gonna fake a headache again at 5pm :P It works quite well a few weeks back :D

Hawaii real estate

I just love to travel and i guess everybody enjoys it too, unfortunately the dream of travelling non-stop won't come true so soon yet. Unless i strike a lottery or find a treasure chest buried in my house garden. Otherwise, let me just go on dreaming for now.

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