Wednesday, March 18, 2009

eat what?

I was at my coll's place for training since she is going to leave here soon. She was briefing me on her work and the "problematic" people whom she deals with.

Coll : We should process request A followed by request B.
Me : Can accept both request at the same time?
Coll : Do you want to eat? (out of a sudden)
Me : Nope, it's not yet lunch time
Coll : No, i'm asking you if someone asks do you want to eat, you will wash hand before or after eating?
Me : ...........

Get what i mean? I thought she was REALLY asking me whether i want to take lunch or eat anything or not. She didn't start her sentence with for instance or for example.

Monday, March 9, 2009


I still remember when i came back from my maternity, i misplaced my drawer keys and needed help urgently as my notebook was in the drawer. Someone helped me to log a high priority call by stating i'm the relative of so & so, so better hurry. I heard all that cos i was just walking behind them, unknown to them.

I really hate those people who always assume that my sis & i are related to so and so in the company, so we have immunity when disaster hits. Says who?? My sis just got her package last Friday. She was informed of the package at 1pm and had to leave by 5pm on the same day. Did i mention that she is 8 mths preg with twins?