Sunday, April 22, 2007

keys to my apartment

i got the keys to my aparment. actually didn't actually get the keys, but we had to go for the first inspection to see whether we're satisfied with the unit. if not satisfied with the condition, can still file for complain. 8 of us went to inspect 2 units ( my sis bought one unit too). So we scrutinized every corner including the door frames :P I only have one complaint on the house. The toilet. The width is smaller than a standard door & the developer is smart enought to use folding door for the toilet. If your waistline is more than 36inch, you'll have problem walking from the door to the toilet bowl, there a sink right next to the toilet door. I've never seen any sink smaller that the one in the toilet. Anyway, we finished inspecting 2 units in about an hour, rather fast. Parents & MIL are satisfied with the house except need to touch up here and there before the 2nd inspection in May.

Proceeded to visit MIL's sis in Lam Wah Ee for about 2hours. Why? Cos the whole clan was there yakking away like nobody's business. Like CNY gathering to be exact, so lau juak. They only decided to leave after the nurse shooed them away, cos her sis's heartbeat went from 84 to 96 :P

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