Sunday, May 20, 2007

can i hate paypal?

i'm so sick and tired of finding ways to accept & withdraw my money from Paypal. No doubt paypal suppport team is providing prompt response, but i still cannot do things my way.

I want to be able to withdraw money from my paypal by giving them a DBS bank account number. But no, i have to have a Singapore paypal account. Changing my address in personal profile will not trigger that. Either i cancel my current Msia paypal and recreate a Spore paypakl or i maintain my current Msia paypal & have a Spore Premium/Business paypal account. @##$@!!!!!!

I'm still waiting patiently for them to reply to more of my questions & in the meantime, also waiting patiently for them to fix their impossible enter-US-bank-account problem which started on 11May 2007. Damn!!

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