Tuesday, May 29, 2007

stop insulting!

I just need to blog about this. Who says that properties in mainland are cheap? Who says that everything in mainland is soooo cheap? I hate it when i hear that phrase. If the properties in mainland are so cheap as claimed, why do people want to buy a 700sq apartment in penang? Why not invest in 2000sq multiple storeys houses in mainland? If everything in mainland is so cheap why don't island people go do marketing in mainland?

Houses are not cheap now in mainland like before. Believe it or not, developers are building 3 storeys house in mainland. Single storey houses are no longer in great demand. A normal double storeys house is about RM250K. So you use your own imagination to estimate the prices of multiple storeys house. My friend's dad just sold his house for approx RM 1Million somewhere near Batu Kawan.

Talking about traffic. The distance between mainland to island is almost similar from Tg Bungah to Bayan Lepas. The only difference is we mainland people have to pay stupid RM5.60 for Pg bridge toll. Once upon a time, someone told me that mainland people are very greedy. They come to penang to work & create more traffic but go back to mainland and buy properties there. So we are guilty to come to work in Penang. However, little does he know that, the jam at the toll towards penang at 6.30pm onwards is worse than the jam in the morning. So what does this tell you? Why are there so many people going back to island at 6.30pm onwards??

I overheard a person commented that the food in Juru Autocity is cheap. Yeah, depending on what outlets you go to. Food are still cheap if you visit the old coffee shops. However, prepare to spend if you visit outlets like Swensens, Roxbury, Manhattan Fish..etc. RM10 is only enough for a glass of drink.

So conclusion, dun make stupid comments again.

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