Wednesday, July 18, 2007

hand over the untensils

Iskh!!! This morning, i was feeling hungry again so went to get roti canai from the mamak stall in our cafeteria. After paying, i couldn't find any utensils. Usually, they will prepare a basket containing chopsticks, plastic forks & spoons but the basket was nowhere to be found this morning. I asked them for chopsticks, and the mamak guy told me they dun prepare chopsticks anymore. Okay, so how about plastic forks. He passed me a fork. I requested for another since the roti canai is too big piece for me to put into my mouth at a go :P He refused to give me an extra fork. "Roti canai so big, how to makan?" Then only he passed me a plastic spoon, reluctantly. Idiots!!! The utensils are subsidized by our company & yet the mamak are so stingy. Want to eat also susah.


bloomingtree said...

how to eat roti canai with chopsticks?

sy said...

it's a skill which only people like me know how to use =)