Thursday, August 16, 2007

close encounter

My morning started off very nicely this morning. Woke up at 7.05am since i stayed overnight at mum's place cos hubby was outstation. Slowly freshen up myself & mum made breakfast & prepared chicken essence too. I was thinking of taking half day off today but with the chicken essence, i think i can stay till 5pm. While driving near QB, i saw a motorcyclist parked his bike near the road divider, so i swerved slightly to the left to avoid the bike. However, the car in front of me stopped all of a sudden, which made me stepped on the break as hard as i could & swerved all the way to the left to avoid kissing into his butt. Luckily no cars behind me, or else i'll be kissing the butt of the car in front of me & risking my butt being kissed too. I guess the Kenari in front of me must have been dreaming while driving. It’s drizzling and he’s not paying attention to his surrounding. Not kiasi ar?

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