Sunday, August 12, 2007

is it a norm?

Imagine this: Your partner & you are hungry and both of you wanted to pack lunch to eat at home since the weather is hot. However, your in-laws are also at home at the same time. Will you pack some food back for them even though they've taken their lunch or will you just buy 2 packets of food just enough for you and your partner? You will be surprised how many people i know who would just pack food for themselves and not for the whole house. Takkan 10 pieces of pisang goreng can cause a lot of money???


zoe-t said...

This depends on how your relationship with your in-laws. If you all stay together harmoniously, it's so naturally you will count them in whatever you do, becoz you care. :)

For me, I think I will call them and ask if they want me to buy them anything. *imagining as I'm still single* :D

sy said...

for me i think it's common sense to bring back some food to the rest if you're going home to eat. Otherwise, just eat at the stalls nearby :p