Thursday, September 6, 2007


The world was spinning around me when i woke up yesterday morning. I sat on the bed for while after switching off the alarm, trying to gather myself together. Thinking that maybe i was just hungry, went downstairs to make myself a glass of hot milk. Soon after finished, my condition got worse and the moment hubby came out from the bathroom, i rushed in and vomitted the glass of hot milk i took less than 5mins ago. That was the 5th time i vomitted since started pregnant. Can you imagine, the milk was still warm when it flowed out from my tummy :p Geli huh? No choice, crawled back to bed, called my boss for an emergency leave while covering myself with blanket and trying to sleep. Head was still spinning. Hubby called mil over in case i pengsan in my room or bathroom :p

Today, the world is spinning again but at least better than yesterday. I have no idea why i can't escape from gassy tummy & headache after so long. Geram only.

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