Thursday, October 25, 2007

i'm too heavy for my feet

In our company, you can only apply for a reserved car park lot if you're 6 months pregnant. And since the size of our company is diminishing, the number of reserved car park lots have been reduced, thus, limited. I walked to the clinic to confirm and was told this fact. Not wanting to be put on waiting list when i reach my 6th month, i went over to our guard house to check for any available car park. Luck was on my side when i was told, there is one vacancy near lobby and so i asked the kind girl to book for me first before i get the medical prove from my doc next week. Hopefully no one will go to labour before or at the same time as i am.

Walking is slowly getting more difficult for me, not becos of the weight cos i've reached 64kg before, a few years back. The more i walk now, the more i could feel the pressure of my tummy on my legs. I envy those slim ones who are on high heels and low waist jeans.


Dan said...

high heels and low waist jeans....mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

sy said...

dun drool, dun wet your keyboard