Sunday, November 4, 2007

i have big tummy, get lost from my car park

I thought my VIP car park is already reserved for me until i go on maternity. Manatau, when i reached this morning, an absent-minded fella parked at my place happily, a green MyVi. Hey, last week, CW's place was taken. Today's my turn. Lodged a complaint at our main guard house and they got me the car owner after 2hours. Apparently, the car owner was late and conveniently parked at my place cos she thought that the car park was still reserved under her friend's name. How wonderful. The next time if my VIP car park is taken by aliens, i should just park my car next to our main guard house and wait till the guard informs me that my car park is vacant. Good idea huh?


CW said...

Yeah, it's your turn to feel the heat & frustration. Has she moved the car?

sy said...

she moved her car but i'm too lazy to walk to sports complex to get the car now *humphhhhh*

Dan said...

*raises hand to ask question*

Why CW get to park at VIP car park eh?

Layzze said...

Wow you guys are sooo good. Have VIP lots for your wheels.

I have to stall my greenie far far away outside in the sun if I reach work after 9:00AM :(

sy said...

dan: CW injured his ankle i think, but it was long long ago :p

layzze: yeah, only when you're too heavy to walk or injure yourself somewhere =)

Layzze said...

Oh I see. This is nice... & I remember CW was Orang Cacat for couple weeks :)