Sunday, November 18, 2007

mummy-to-be list

At last some things for myself. Maternity pads, washable nursing pads and stretch mark cream. More things to come. I'm using stretch mark cream since a few weeks ago. My colls & frens have been warning me that the mark will come when i reach 6 months pregnant. I'm already 24weeks pregnant and i have not seen any stretch mark on my tummy *touch wood*. I think my tummy ain't big enough kua. Hubby too lending me hands to massage my tummy 2-3 times a week and during every weekends. I guess he is starting to enjoy putting his ears against my tummy to listen for the baby's movement & talking to the baby on and off =)


Dan said...

exciting new experiences... :-)

sy said...

people say soon i will see bumps on my tummy when the baby gets bigger. i'm waiting for that :D