Wednesday, November 28, 2007

my VIP car park was taken again

Somebody took my VIP car park again. I went for half day MC for my monthly checkup and when i returned in the afternoon, a car was stationed so nicely in my parking lot. I recognise that particular car. It always parks beside my car park every single day and i'm guessing the driver thought i'm on leave so he/she parked at my parking space happily. Seeing no other available parking lot at the time, i drove back to the guard house to file a complaint. And since i'm heavy, i told them i'll be parking my car at the visitor car park. At about 3pm, the guard called me. The driver is not registered with my company and there is no car sticker issued for this car. So there is no way for them to contact the culprit and they cannot clamp the car. Fine with me since i know i have another option now.

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