Thursday, June 18, 2009

cost saving

Since there is cost saving everywhere, hubby & i decided to perform some cost saving activities at home. One of them is to ride to work, instead of drive. No doubt, there are few advantages & drawbacks to ride a bike to work.

Good things:
- it takes only 25mins to get to work daily
- save money on toll (RM1.12 compared to RM5.60, daily)
- save money on petrol (RM23 compared to RM70, weekly)
- i'm forced to use sun block everyday, so that my freckles condition will not deteriorate
- i'm forced to wash my face diligently everyday, so that my facial prod will not go to waste
- we can't talk, so less quarrel
- we have to be close to each other physically, so that when he decides to go full speed, i will not end up on the windscreen of the car behind us.

Bad things:
- i have to wash my hair every single day
- i have to prepare plastic bag in case it rains suddenly
- i can't wear my heels to work
- i have to wear perfume everyday to cover the smell of smoke
- i can't wear skirt - but i never wear skirt to work :P
- there is a chance that we will melt under the scorching sun

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