Tuesday, June 16, 2009

revenge of the fallen

I was attracted to this phrase "Revenge of the Fallen". It truly describes what i'm going thru now at work, but i'm not the bad ones. Just that i feel that i need to claim my territory & draw fine lines surrounding it, just in case. Actually, it's rather fun to work around people who fear to be kicked away from this company, especially when they finally have to think twice before stepping on your tail in situation like this. The retrenchment activities that are going on do not affect me at all. I will go when they give me the angpow. Unlike some other people whom i work with, who thinks himself/herself is The Great One. You can be the most important person in a function, but so what? You're not indispensable, esp when you're highly paid. If a fly is paid half your salary and flexible to do multiple jobs at one time, who would the company keep? Do you just hate people who love to claim credit for A-Z work? Or those who need to tell the whole world that he/she has lack of sleeps for god knows who many days just to get something done? Or people whom delete your name from your own mail?

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