Monday, July 20, 2009

infamous heroes

Botak Chin. It sounds so familiar when my colls mentioned it during lunch just now. He was potrayed to be modern Robin Hood, the most notorious and wanted person back in the 80s. After searching for more information on this infamous hero, i suddenly recalled something. Once upon a time, my younger sis joined a school trip to visit Pudu Jail before they close it down forever or something like that. They were then taken to the room where Botak Chin was hanged to death. It was full with eerie sound effect & lightings and suddenly....they saw a white figure staring back to them from the hang place. Tipu lar, i added the last line myself :P Nothing happened in the room, just sound effect & good lightings :P

I only know Kalimuthu case which happened in Ipoh in 199x. Kalimuthu was cornered by a group of policemen and he went amok with his gun. One of the bullets when thru the door of the car and hit the head of her cousin before landed in her chest. Her cousin died on the spot while she went into coma. Her cousin saved her life. My sis's fren told her that said before she went unconscious due to intense pain, she saw the bullet wound on the cousin's head, the size of 50sen coin. Urghh!!!

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