Tuesday, April 24, 2007

bring back the mamak gang

have you tasted wantan mee with soya sauce? that's what they sell in my cafeteria. Nothing attracts me from the display cabinet, so i took the wantan mee.'s not really that bad (i'm going to hell for lying), it's more like mee + soya sauce. Last week was maggi mee + asam soup (tomyam). I never like to eat rice, unless you serve me with nasi beraini, fried rice, chicken rice..etc. Prefer noodles to rice, but some people cannot live without rice for one day, i have no idea why. The food in canteen is deteriorating & getting expensive. Once upon a time, we had 12 counters. Now we're only left with 6 counters. Once upon a time, a plate of mee was only 50sen, but it increased to RM1.50. Why? Cos they heat up the food plate by plate now *rolling eyes*. Honestly, i miss the mamak gang from counter 5.

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