Wednesday, April 25, 2007

hail to the king

this morning, thinking of there will be less cars on road, i woke up 10mins later. Got ready and took the pics of Tengai, hubby's bike. It will be sold off before the end of today. How sad but yet it is a good deal, so FIL decided to sell it and planning to buy a new bike....RM30k+ *gulp* More story here:

Traffic was smooth on bridge until we reached Coastal Road. Jam started and we went stationary for a few times. Worse jam ever on the way to work. Sms-ed aunt to get traffic report, unfortunately she was also stuck behind us. Oh well, so we continued driving bumper-to-bumper. Usually we reach office at around 7.44am everyday. Finally we found out that since today is declared public holiday for all government sectors, this include the closure of Custom Gate near our factory..@#$&*%$#@!!!!

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