Sunday, May 13, 2007

emotional intelligence

Been away for 2 days as i was nominated by my beloved boss to attend a course called Emotional Intelligence. Maybe she thinks that i needed this course to control my emotion as i'm a very emotional person.

I wanted to blog about this last week but was too lazy therefore i've forgotten what i've wanted to blog about now. We were taught on how to identify certain emotion & how to overcome it. Complaint trap, conflict management, 5 aspects of leadership & some other interesting facts. Today we learnt about Constructive Criticism, Listening, Reasoning & Actions. We also watched a very interesting movie called MAX-N-MAX. It was about how a boss treats his dog (MAX) & subordinate (MAX) the same way until both the dog & subordinate reacted the same way and got totally confused. That's what happens in real life. Bosses want to control the way their people work but at the same time want them to perform well. Bosses control people by tying strings around the neck of their employees, just like dogs.

And we were thought on how to handle criticism professionally. When people are angry with you, imagine that person is having a tough day at home (e.g. someone died in the family) and you'll start to sympathize that fella & try to calm that fella down. I bet i can do that, can you?

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