Monday, May 7, 2007

moron doctor + nurses

I just need to blog about this. I had my worst experience with one of our company panel clinics.

Yesterday I reached one of the panel clinics in Chai Leng Park, 24-hour clinic. We went there right after work cos my stomachache was still there since last week & my menses delayed. Got panic & i'm not pregnant.

At the receptionist:
I didn’t have my medical record book with me, so I showed my badge. The receptionist dun want to accept it, so no choice I agreed to pay first & fill up the form given. She asked for my IC while I was filing up the form. So I passed her the IC after filing up the form given earlier. She took the form from me & made it into a ball & threw it into the dustbin without any sign. So rude, but didn’t bother much as long as there is a doctor.

In the doc’s room:
I was instructed to enter the room by a malay nurse. Hubby followed of cos. The Indian doc was sitting lazily on the chair, chewing on bubble gum & shaking his legs so much that his whole body shakes too. Okay, that’s rude & unethical but who am I to comment, I’m just a patient. So I explained in details about the things I have been experiencing since last week including the pain in my abdomen. He suggested that I do a urine test. I went to the toilet & back. When I passed the bottle back to the nurse (nicely wrapped in a piece of tissue of my own cos the toilet has no toilet paper), the malay nurse stepped back & asked me to put the bottle on the sink instead. Hey, I dun have any contagious disease. Afterall it’s her job, why should she act like that. The doc then told me he would proceed with urine pregnancy test (UPT) which I said okay too. After all the tests done, it’s only bladder infection & nothing serious. Pregnancy test turned out negative. My menses would be starting very soon according to him. I just need to drink more water, even though I drink about 2-3liters a day. So we thanked the doc and went out.

At the Receptionist again:
The Chinese+Indian nurse called out my name & gave me instructions on how to consume the medicine. Then she told me, since I’ll be paying by cash, RM35 will be charged under company & additional RM20 UPT will be covered by my own pocket money. Of cos, I refused to pay. I wasn’t told about need to pay on my own before the UPT was done. This is not acceptable & I’ll not pay. The nurse kept mumbling that I should pay for the UPT and cannot claim from Avago. I admit I did suggest to her that, write something about UPT & charge it to Avago. The nurse refused, so I stood there and asked her how. She then told me a joke: I pay the RM35 & go home without the medicine. Hah!! Then came the receptionist to her aid. Apparently, the doc dun want to show his face & he insisted the nurse to collect the fee from me. After spending some time arguing at the receptionist, the doc called me into his office.

Back into doc’s room:
There he was chewing on his gum again. He explained that I need to pay, repeated what the nurse has told me & I told him, I’m not going to pay for something which I was not told before hand. The doc argued that I agreed to do the UPT and therefore I need to pay him. Another joke. I told him right to his face, he should have told me I need to pay before he proceeded with the test. Another reason from him on why he did the test. As a doctor, after hearing all the symptoms that I have, he suspected that I have an abortion (abortion & miscarriage = 2 different term, moron). Therefore he has to do a UPT for me. First of all, UPT test is only done 2 weeks from the day menses is supposed to start. UPT is done on the first urine in the morning. He dun even have the basic knowledge & yet he thinks that I have abortion??? Makes me doubt his professionalism. And yes, he was still chewing on his gum when he argued with me. And also, in the first place, I didn’t go to the clinic to have UPT. I was more concerned on any infection or growth in my abdomen. Finally, he said I just needed to pay the RM35 and he will charge RM55 to my company and call up HR to inform them about my case. Be my guest, as long as he dun rob RM20 from me.

Receptionist counter again:
The ChineseIndian nurse was sulking & refused to attend to me. The malay nurse urged her and finally she wrote the receipt with dark face & still sulking and mumbling something in Indian. I dun bother much. I took the medicine, paid the RM35 & took the receipt.

We went home & took my medical record book and went to JF again. I was so reluctant to walk in again, but have to claim back my RM35. Passed my book to the receptionist & she mumbled something about calling HR and something which I dun bother to listen. Waited like 5mins for another nurse to process dunno what and FINALLY, the other nurse threw the booklet back to me with money inside. I didn’t thank her & walked off. I dun think I’ll ever go back to JF again. Unfortunately, it’s the only 24-hour clinic available. Why???? Cos it’s the cheapest clinic?

I’m waiting for the HR to call me & I’ll relate the whole incident to them….happily….

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