Thursday, June 28, 2007


Lack of sleep can really mess up a person's brain. I didn't get enough sleep since the marathon and my whole week is screwed up now. A zombie-like me gets up everyday at 6.30am and sleep all the way to office, since i dun have to do the driving. The jam on Monday was terrible - stuck for 2 hours and i reached office at 9.30am. First news was my cousin who is from mainland was also stuck in the jam and missed her exam. Fortunately, she is allowed to take a replacement test.

I wanted to start blogging about what happened last weekend, but my brain is not working right now. The most obvious symptom is i keep forgetting i've taken lunch at 3pm. The second symptom is i sleep all the way to work & on the way back home. No more updating hubby with latest happenings in office. Third symptom is i refuse to write paid posts, darn! Perhaps it's cos my paypal has reached RM1K+ :P But i still cannot encash the money without help. Waiting waiting. I will continue writing when the mood is back.

Work is too peaceful nowadays, just a few hiccups here and there. Another tide is coming, i presume? Not that i care so much, i go with the flow. Just be like water & go with the flow, that my motto. I saw one of my friends put this in his MSN "You put water into a cup; it becomes the cup....put water into a teapot, it becomes the teapot...Be water my friend". I agree with him totally.

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