Wednesday, July 11, 2007

just bored

Hubby is having offsite meeting today. He dropped me off at the factory so early in the morning, 7.30am. I took my own sweet time, switch on the notebook & went to get my usual roti telur. Completed a few tasks while enjoying my roti telur but now I’m getting sleepy. Me so bored now. Usually i'll just ping hubby on and off, saja just to kacau him. Most of the time he will reply but sometimes he ignored me totally.

Later, there will be another marching practice for us. Starting from next week, we’ll be having 3 sessions per week. So sian. I wonder why we have to march under the scorching sun? Can't we just hide in the shed? Oh yeah, i was one of the selected marchers to be specially trained before the commander starts to train the rest. I wanted to give up marching but i just can bear to part with the benefits offer. I've just betrayed myself.

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