Tuesday, July 10, 2007

penang is a small island insomia problem has gone away. So this is wat i do when i'm wide awake in the car. Saw a partial rainbow on the way to work. Is this a good sign? Well, not everyday you get to see a nice rainbow like this. I'm not going to be like the little girl from the milk powder advertisement where she sprayed water from water hose to get rainbow. And which her mum tot it was a brilliant idea *eyes rolling*.

Apparently today i saw a comment on my post on Blogitivis. CW is actually my fren's (LS) collegemate. And LS is also the friend of my mil's bestfren's son. What a small world, i mean island. Believe it or not, i knew LS but i didn't know that he is actually a family fren to my hubby & in-laws until i showed him the pic of hubby last time :p I should start buying lottery now.

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