Thursday, July 26, 2007

just go to hell!!!!

My mum called & i just received the stupidest & craziest news!!!! A doc from LWE suggested that my 88-year-old grandpa to undergo chemo treatment to kill his lung cancer cells!?!?!?!?! What kind of a doctor is that?! He told dad, if dun undergo chemo, ah kong will only live for another 3 months only. If undergo chemo leh?? 1 week can say bye bye to us lar?? Is he a moron or he is crazy for money? How can you suggest an old man who is even too weak to walk to undergo chemo treatment? My ah kong's skin is left with no muscle & hair. Even if you pressed on his arms too hard, his skin will "break" if not blue black. When he got admitted, the doc asked us what happened to his arms some more. I think the doc in LWE are idiots. Takkan they dunno the cause of the bruised skin just by looking at it? My dad dun abuse my ah kong, okay! Mum said that when they rushed ah kong to the ER in LWE, the doc talked to them like one kind. "You want him to admit, admit lor. If you want to take him back mah take him back lor", after my dad asked the doc whether my ah kong was serious & needed to be admitted immediately or not. You say lar......and i tot GH is worse. LWE is crazy for money i think. They suck blood from people like us.

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