Wednesday, July 25, 2007

the story of mungkin

Aiyo....look at this poor baby. Got abused by a maid until both his legs got fractured but as usual the maid denied lar.

picture from The Star (26July2007)

My parents encountered the same problem with the maid at home. Usually my grandpa will be left alone with the maid at home when parents go out to run errands. Last time, each time parents returned from doing their chores, there would be bruises on grandpa's head. When questioned, the maid would deny everything "Mungkin tadi.....mungkin....." Lots of "mungkin" this and "mungkin" that. Even if she spoils anything in the house, she will go "tak tau, mungkin..... saya tak cakap bohong". No matter how you scold her or threaten her, it's has no effect on her at all. Later, i learnt from my colls that their maids are serupa with my mum's maid. Kaki bohong & always push away responsibilities. Luckily I dun have maid at my own house. If not I think I’ll be the one abusing my maid since I cannot take stupid excuses.

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