Wednesday, July 4, 2007

one sen, 5 sen, 10 sen, 20 sen

There was some time back when i wanted to pay my food using 1sen & 5sen in our factory cafeteria, the cashier rejected me. I wanted to use up my 1sen, so i tried to use 5sens a day for my food, unfortunately the cashier didn't want to accept. This what i saw in today's papers: "Paying with one sen coins is okay – up till RM2" (Section 24 of the Central Bank of Malaysia Act, The Star, 5 July).

Consumer can now pay 50sen coins for RM10 item & 1sen, 5sen, 10sen and 20sen coins to pay for a transaction of up to RM2. i know where to use my 1sen now since "one sen and five sen coins are legal tender" (The Star, 5 July).

I wonder will the hawkers throw 1sen back at us when we pay them 200sen for a plate of wantan mee :D


bloomingtree said...

Buying 1 sen coins at rm3/kg. 5 sen coins at rm5.60/kg. 10 sen coins at 9sen/ea, 20 sen at 18sen/ea. Pls don't them away...let me recycle for you.

sy said...

i give to beggars better.