Monday, August 6, 2007

bye bye maid

I just realised i didn't update my blog for like a week last week. Partly due to work and also i was just being lazy. Usually these are the 2 main culprits. Anyway, i took an emergency leave on Friday. Initially, wanted to apply for 1/2 day leave on Thurs but i've lost my password, so can't do anything. Called up my boss as early as 7am, left her a voicemail and continued with my arranged iterenary for the day. First part of the day got messed up due to wrong information given & also cos i had to deal with the goverment people.

At about 2pm, we finished our lunch and prepared to send the maid to KL for good. Mum asked dad to go to the parking lot with the maid first, while she and I packed her stuff for her. Not being cruel but we didn't want the maid to take our things out from the house "accidentally". The maid saw us with her bags but didn't ask any question. Mum talked to her about sending her on back to KL on bus with all the necessary details. Could see that she was shivering as it's the first time for her to board a bus in Msia, without any documentation. Yeap, aunt from KL refused to send her proper documentation due to unexplainable reason and we dun even bother to know. Finally sent her away on bus, called aunt to inform her about the maid and mission accomplished. Another burden off parents's shoulders.

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