Wednesday, August 8, 2007

high-speed chase caused another jam

Want to know wat time i reached home last night??? 9.30PM!!! After marching, we left office at about 7pm. By 7.20pm, we only reached QB, and the jam was so teruk. The signboard stated "Kemalangan Di Atas Jambatan. Berhati-hati ketika memandu." Not again. This morning, we saw the same sign and now another time?? All the cars were static & nobody was able to move. Thinking that the accident must be a serious one, we detoured to take ferry. Manatau, same condition. Luckily it's not Fright-day, otherwise, we will have to camp at my mum's apt. Imagine the jam started right after the traffic light at Kastam & on the other side of the road, the jam continued until Macallum Street. I was starving & having headache and the biscuits just weren't enough even for me alone. So finally reached home at 9.30pm, just enough time to continue my Astro cantonese series :p

The cause of the jam: Shot after high-speed chase. But the chase started at 4.45pm wor. And the jam still haven't settled at 7pm??

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