Monday, August 27, 2007

out of office

What is the use of "Out of Office" mail?
It's set when you're away from office or on leave or etc.

What is written in the Out of Office mail?
It usually indicates the period of time you'll be away and who is your backup in case of urgent issues.

However, not many people know how to utilise Out of Office mail. They set the date, they set the backup person. Unfortunately, the backup person will only know she/he is the backup after receving that person's Out of Office mail. How wonderful.


Dan said...

Control feeling pls... don't so angry yet. People only ask u become backup if they think you'll do a good job. And people fail to inform you only because they think you wudn't mind.

Not all people wanna find fault with u one. Ok ok girl? smile ok? come on...ang gugu..cha!


sy said...

i was not the victim. this incident happened to another person.