Monday, September 3, 2007

Hawaii real estate

I just love to travel and i guess everybody enjoys it too, unfortunately the dream of travelling non-stop won't come true so soon yet. Unless i strike a lottery or find a treasure chest buried in my house garden. Otherwise, let me just go on dreaming for now.

I'm do not have knowledge in real estate investments. But if i have a lot of money, i would invest in Hawaii vacation rentals. Imagine hubby & i get to Hawaii once a year to stay at our vacation home there. We could even rent it out to tourists during peak seasons. Would we be getting more profit investing in Florida vacation rentals ? There are houses or condos for sale at affordable prices and not to mention their locality. All these can be done easily by going Goin2Travel site. All you need to do is to browse and select the location according to your need and preference.

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