Tuesday, September 11, 2007

i love pig liver

Right after posting the post below, i called up my mum and i almost cried when complaining to her all the "sufferings" i've been thru. Of cos i didn't break down in office cos there were still a lot of people here at that time. Felt better after talking to mum and hubby IM me to ask me to wait a little longer. Humphh!!!

When we finally got to go home, traffic was surprisingly smooth all the way to our dinner place. Since i'm lack of red blood cells, hubby decided to order a bowl of pig liver for me to try. Mum says pig liver is rich with red blood cells, so no choice, i had to finished the whole bowl after finishing my bowl of porridge. It didn't taste as yucky as i thought it would be. Dip in soya sauce & eat it with red chillies. Tasted good and no bloody smell.

Didn't know that a bowl of pig liver could do wonders. This morning, no headache, no gassy tummy, no feeling vomitish!! I could even finish a packet of nasi kandar for breakfast. I should have taken pig liver sooner to avoid all the unnecessary headache!!! So happy today and just hope that headache will not come back so soon *touch wood*.

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