Tuesday, September 11, 2007

just arghhHHHHH!!!!!

I feel like puking now. I eat regularly, i drink enough water, i put enough oilment and i still feel like puking now. Some say nutmeg will help, some say take more assam, some say eat less but more frequent - i've done tried all of them but how come i still feel vomitish? Not enough rest? Bullshit. Not enough food? Bullshit. Not enough water? Lagi bullshit. People say all this will be over after 12weeks. I thought so too but why am i still having all this nonsense?!?!?!?! It's already 5.20pm and i'm still stuck in the stupid office typing this stupid post. I want a car of my own!!!!! I dun want to be stuck in the jam at 7pm!?!?! Not in this condition. I want to bite his head off now. I want to go home at 5pm sharp everyday. I WANT TO SHOUT!!!


Dan said...

not enough practise. not enough patience.

Let DoctorDan prescribe u 3 more children and 300m of patience.

sy said...

yesterday was really a bad day for me. i barked at everybody :P

Dan said...

today is still early... outdo yesterday lor! yes u can!