Thursday, November 22, 2007

10% more to go

It's so crazy!! My sis and i went to Jusco cos it's Card Member Day Sale. Carpark was FULL at 11.30am, can you imagine the crowd? Parents were there at 10.30am and surprisingly dad managed to get himself a few shirts and pants. We met mum at the groceries section and they were lining up to get cooking oils. It must be real cheap cos the line was so long and mostly all are aunties :P So we started our shopping by hunting for some daily use stuff like hair cream, milk powder, honey stars (hubby's special request) & a lot others. Hehe..bought him 2 XL box of honey stars. Erm...let me rephrase, i helped him to buy 2 XL box since i'm going to claim all the money spent from him later :D My banker.

The next section we went to was baby section. You know lar, i'm so obsessed with baby items now. So dad left us to take a break near the waiting area, while mum followed me around the place. I told her, it was going to be just a while cos will not do much shopping. Again, i couldn't resist it. In the end, i bought baby bath tub, pacifier, brush, nappy, clothes, etc...which totaled up to another hundred dollars, all within an hour :P Completed 90% from my shopping list.
Was very happy with all the things bought but still unable to decide which brand of breast pump to get. TollyJoy, Pureen or Avent?

We came back to office just in time and luckily i have a VIP car park, otherwise we'll surely melt like butter under the scorching sun. I feel vomitish now, must be due to all the rushing and walking :P

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