Thursday, November 22, 2007

sad memory

It just struck me. My friend told me about her grandma's condition which is getting from bad to worse. A small cut on her leg turned into a big wound and it's getting bigger. Her heart is not strong enough and the blood could not flow to her leg and therefore the wound couldn't be healed after so long. She has to go for a bypass in KL. Now the condition worsens after she is forced to take lots of medicine for heart & wound. Body is getting weaker each day and she is getting very blur and temperamental. My friend and her family members could only stand and watch her suffer cos there is really nothing much they can do except giving her medicine & vitamins. They have to hide the truth that if needed, she will have to lose her leg. I think that will most probably make her gives up hope on life. Depression then ....

This reminds me of my paternal ah kong who had just passed away a few months ago. Good for him that he didn’t suffer much when he battled with cancer, he had Alzheimer. But the worst thing is he died alone in the hospital without any family members beside him. Sad huh. I’m crying when I’m typing this in office. Oh dear, have to rush to the toilet now, tears cannot stop flowing out now.

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