Monday, July 27, 2009

first encounter with Buono Bread

There is a newly set up mini bread stall right in front of La Boheme bakery stall at Jusco, QB, selling Buono Bread. I've not heard of this Buono Bread before but it was the price that attracted me to this stall. We got to taste some samples of original bread & oat bread fresh from toaster. The middle-aged lady who was selling this bread was very friendly and humorous too.

Me : How much is the price?
Lady : RMxxxx
Me : Wow, who will buy such expensive bread?
Lady : chinese lar.
Me : Why so expensive?
Lady : Imported fresh from Japan daily, triple the weight of normal loaf of bread..bla bla
Me : If cannot finish then how?
Lady : Export back to country of origin.

We burst into laughter together right after she finished her sentence. She went on to explain why it's expensive - the ingredients are from Japan, equipment from Japan, Japanese baker....and sliced by Penang lady (meaning herself). Again, we all burst into laughter. Suddenly, i found myself reaching out money from my pocket without any persuasion. I must be under some kind of spell just by talking to her. But this will be the first and final time for me to buy such pricey bread.

On the way home, i asked hubby to guess the price of the bread. A series of wrong answer given - RM3, RM5, RM7, RM12. I will keep a slice of Buono bread for those who could guess the price of the bread correctly. Better be fast, this bread will expire in 2 weeks, unless i put them in the freezer (will last for a month).
buono bread - loaf

I tried to slice the bread using my normal kitchen knife, it does not look that bad, rite?
buono bread - sliced

You can eat this bread on its own (sounds like Gardenia). But for those who do not like margarine, you will not like this bread, the strong margarine taste will linger in your mouth after eating. Oh yeah, nobody at home is allowed to touch this bread and it's specially for Khye. I hope he will like the nice margarine taste.
buono bread


brianlee~~ said...

mmmm looks delicious

Flying O said...

I will have to try Buono bread at Jusco next time I go. Really, I just want to have the funny conversation you had!!!