Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Yay, it's Wednesday!!

What Wednesday means to me:
- FREE nescafe at day long at work
- it's middle of the week, 2 days from weekend
- cheap movie-day (used to be)

Hubby & i went for company in-house blood test earlier this morning. His still has the silly looking face when the guy injected his arm. This is the second time we did blood test together.

The first time, he was so upset cos i paid for the course without letting him know first. He has this phobia towards needle and had always refused to go for body check-up, just in case the doc might say something that he does not like to hear. His blood test result last Oct was not that good, with high bad cholesterol and high blood glucose level. It was a surprised for both of us, since hubby exercises more often than i do :P According to the doc, hubby might be having hereditary high cholesterol. Me, on the other hand, as fit as a cow, partly becos i was still breastfeeding. Will see whether there is a change on the latest test results two weeks from now.

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